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Economic Impact Model Information Request Sheet

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High-Wage Jobs Tax Credit

Companies may take a credit equal to ten percent of the combined value of salaries and benefits for each new job paying a minimum of $28,000 per year in areas with populations less than 40,000 persons; companies located in larger areas must pay salaries of $40,000 to receive the credit.  Qualified employers may take the credit for up to four years and any excess credit will be refunded to the business.  The credit shall not exceed $12,000 per year, per job. The credit is applied against the businesses tax liability, including the state portion of gross receipts tax, compensating tax and withholding tax.
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Manufacturer’s Investment Tax Credit

Manufacturers may take a tax credit of five percent of the value of qualified equipment and other property used in their operation. The credit can be applied against compensating, gross receipts or withholding tax up to 85% of the total.  Any remaining available credit may be claimed in subsequent reporting periods.  In addition, the company must add one new job for each credit up to $30 million; and one new employee must be hired for each $500,000 in equipment.
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New Markets Tax Credit

The Statewide Economic Development Finance Act grants the New Mexico Finance Authority (“NMFA”) with broad authority to operate financing programs that stimulate economic development including the power to form, operate, own or co-own qualified Community Development Entities (“CDEs”) for the purpose of participating in the New Markets Tax Credit (“NMTC”) Program.

In 2006, the NMFA formed Finance New Mexico, LLC (“Finance New Mexico”), a qualified CDE, and in 2007, Finance New Mexico was awarded an allocation of $110 million in New Markets Tax Credits authority which will enable Finance New Mexico to generate approximately $35 million in capital that it will lend directly to qualified businesses in low-income areas.

The NMFA will operate the NMTC program on behalf of Finance New Mexico under the guidance of its adopted New Markets Tax Credit Program Policies and Procedures, Economic Impact Policies and Lending and Credit Policies. The NMTC program was established primarily to provide greater access to financing for new, expanding or relocating businesses in underserved areas across the country. NMFA is targeting the use of its allocation of tax credit incentives to add to existing statewide economic development initiatives.
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Rural Jobs Tax Credit

Eligible employers must be located in a rural area and be approved for the JTIP program.  Employers receive a credit of 6.25% of the first $16,000 in wages.  If the job is located in a Tier 1 community (< 15,000 in population), the employer may take the credit for four consecutive years.  Businesses located in a Tier 2 community (> 15,000 in population) may take the credit for two consecutive years. If the amount of credit exceeds the businesses tax liability, the excess may be carried forward for up to three years.  Rural New Mexico is defined as any part of the state other than Los Alamos, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Las Cruces and Santa Fe – and a 10 mile zone around municipalities.
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Technology Jobs Tax Credit

Businesses may take a credit on research expenditures of 4% (8% in rural areas).  Qualified expenditures may include land, buildings, equipment, computer software and upgrades, consultants, technical literature, test materials, patents, payroll, and labor. The credit may be taken against gross receipts tax, compensating tax or state payroll tax, and may be carried forward.  An additional 4% may be applied against state income tax if base payroll expenses will be increased by at least $75,000 per $1,000,000 of expenditures claimed.
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Angel Investment Tax Credit

A taxpayer who files a New Mexico income tax return and who is a “qualified investor” may take a tax credit of up to $25,000 (25% of a qualified investment of not more than $100,000). For instructions on applying, click here.

Angel Investment Tax Credit Investment Form
To be completed by the investor, eligible for the angel investment tax credit.
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Angel Investment Tax Credit Application Form
To be completed by the small business who is recipient of the qualified cash investment in equity eligible for the angel investment tax credit.
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Angel Investment Tax Credit Application Form – Investing Entity other than Accredited Investor. Download claim form


Download Local Incentive Applications Below:
Gross Receipts Investment Program – GRIP Ordinance

GRIP Application

LEDA Economic Development Incentives Application

Economic Impact Model Information Request Sheet

The City of Alamogordo has substantial resources available to assist businesses wishing to relocate or expand in City of Alamogordo. The Otero County Economic Development Council (OCEDC) works through its board and the City of Alamogordo, to qualify applicants and to negotiate agreements that allow businesses to take advantage of these resources.


Property Tax Abatements
Industrial Revenue Bonds
Infrastructure Improvement
Access to Loan Funds
Tax Increment Financing
Public Improvement Districts
Grey Water
Other Customized Incentives


Any existing or proposed corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, syndicate, association or other person is eligible provided that it meets one or more of the following criteria:

a. an industry for the manufacturing, processing, or assembling of an agricultural or manufactured products;
b. a commercial enterprise for storing, warehousing, distributing, or selling products of agriculture, mining or industry, but, other than provided in Paragraph (D) of this subsection, not including any enterprise for sale of goods or commodities at retail or for the distribution to the public of electricity, gas, water, or telephone or other services commonly classified as public utilities;
c. a business in which all or part of the activities of the business involves the supplying of services to the general public or to governmental agencies or to a specific industry or customer, but, other than provided in Paragraph (D) of this subsection, not including businesses primarily engaged in the sale of goods or commodities at retail;
d. a telecommunications sales enterprise that makes the majority of its sales to persons outside of New Mexico.


Our process for awarding economic development incentives is governed by the Municipality’s Local Economic Development Act. The basic steps are as follows:

1. The OCEDC staff will meet with you to take application to determine eligibility for incentives offered through Alamogordo. Your specific needs will be discussed to ascertain how the City of Alamogordo or the OCEDC can assist you. A preliminary plan of action will then be developed.
2. A formal application for incentives and the information requested in this packet will be submitted to the OCEDC office. OCEDC will review the information and application with you in order to qualify you as a viable business partner, and to determine the economic benefits of your business to the City of Alamogordo. All of the information requested is required by law before any economic development incentives can be provided.
3. Once your application in complete, the OCEDC Board of Directors will assemble a Due Diligence Committee. The Committee will meet and review all documents, verify information, conduct appropriate investigations and inquiries, and assemble a report with their recommendations for incentives. The report will be forwarded to the OCEDC Executive Board of Directors for review, who in turn will make a recommendation to the full OCEDC Board of Directors. The full Board will review results and make a recommendation to the City Commission. Additional meetings maybe needed to answer questions and negotiate incentives. The amount and type of incentives offered will correlate directly to the positive economic impact that your project will have on the City of Alamogordo.
4. City of Alamogordo and OCEDC staff will draw up a formal Project Participation Agreement, outlining the exact responsibilities of each party, and forward it to the OCEDC Board for review and acceptance. OCEDC staff will then forward the Board’s recommendation to the City Commission, along with minutes of the Board meeting and any other pertinent background information.
5. The City of Alamogordo Council will make a final determination on the Agreement at a public hearing.